About us

Software Integrated Query is an IT company that specializes in Web Development, Web Application, Branding, and SEO. Our operation is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We consist of a small team that exclusively works in different aspect of language development. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we take great pride in our work.

Our Motto

A successful business starts with an idea. SIQ believe that as the world population increases, so would the use of the internet. In the future, websites will be the next trend of resume application, as individuals will soon be more tuned into freelancing or small business ecommerce. To have a website/webpage is branding. A great brand is with the SIQ brand.

Software Integrated Query
Many Vin

General Manager

Redefining Web Trends

Looking for a perfect web solution?
We can realize any projects!

Our priorities and tasks are always clear as water. With highly efficient team and resources, we deliver the best with full transparency.

Meet the Team

A Team Of Leading Professionals

Many General Manager.

Ravi – Director of Operation.

Mohsin Software/Back-end Specialist.

Maaz Graphics/Computer Programmer.

Michael Software/Mobile Developer.

Munjal – Software/Front-end Specialist.

Cesar – Network System Analyst.

Cosmas – Android Developer/Computer Programmer.

Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well.

We take great pride in our visual appearance. Using the latest in graphics software, SIQ can design and manipulate images and/or can customize images to customers satisfaction.

Meet the Perfection

Powerful And Stable Framework

Our products are made specifically to customers requests. Before we begin development, our team of designers develop a template frame where we then upon approval by customer, will design from bottom to top and tested vigorously in different browser plate-forms. Our framework is considered multiplatform friendly.

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Our customers are at the heart of our organization

There is nothing more important than customer service. Software Integrated Query is fuelled by customer satisfaction. The more satisfied our customer is, the happier we are. There will be no questions left unread. Have a question, please contact us at hello@softwareintegratedquery.com

Our Core Values



SIQ believe that time and efficiency goes hand to hand. We design comprehensive and efficient websites.


Software Integrated Query value our products and believe in flawless functional and robust websites. Reliability is our core value in customer service.


Manifesting ideas into reality. SIQ believe that creativity is the foundation of a dynamic website.


SIQ is always learning and defining our innovative techniques. Always innovating for our clients.