First Step

Analyzing & Creating Concept

Software Integrated Query, will ask a few questions to develop a stronger understanding and have a clear visual of the idea from the client. Once information is ascertained, SIQ will create a concept framework based on client preference obtained.

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Second Step

Professional approach to build

Depending on the type of project, Software Integrated Query have extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, JSON/AJAX, JAVA, JQUERY, PHOTOSHOP, LOGO, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and branding. SIQ focus on professionalism and user-friendly environment.

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Third Step

Testing the Project

The final step requires rigorous testing for website validation in security and system functions. Before we hand over your final project on a platter, SIQ would like to make sure that all stones are not left unturned and that all aspect of the website is fully operable.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Software Integrated Query is a small business with experience in web development and software development. SIQ is an IT Company that uses the latest in programming languages for client specific catering.

To Boost your reach

Digital Marketing

SIQ specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), image manipulation, and branding. We provide the best customer service and have all the right tools to boost your internet rating. We pay close attention to how products are viewed and rated on the internet. Reach the top of google search.

Mark your online presence

Designing & Developing

Software Integrated Query believes that every professional individual and businesses of any size should have their own website. Having a website can help boost growth and populate branding. SIQ can help you create beautifully dynamic visual websites that are eye catching and user-friendly.

Brand Identity

Graphics Design

Software Integrated Query is a master at brand identity. SIQ offer high definition graphic designing. Whether you need a Logo or need some image manipulation, SIQ can create mind bending images. Need image customisation for webpage? Let SIQ help.

We Deliver Quality Work

Something About Us

Software Integrated Query, aka, SIQ is a software company based in Mississauga Ontario, Canada. SIQ specialize in web development, software development, and search engine optimization. We use the
latest in programming language as well as the latest graphic software for high definition graphic design. Our main objective is customer satisfaction. We are a small company that do big projects in this digital world in a timely manner.

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Database Development

Our Prestigious Clients

We have worked with more than 200+ clients across the world. Have a look to our recent clients

Entry in the Digital World

Why website

Software Integrated Query believe that every physical business should have a website. By turning your physical business into a digital business, you will benefit tremendously. Every physical business store has a hour of operation limit, but not your online business website, that is offered 24/7. Why restrict yourself with hours of opening and closing when you can have unlimited amount of hours and never close.

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Are you ready just change the future?

Importance of Brand Identity (LOGO)

Branding is key. Every company have a name and that name is unique. We offer SIQ branding as well as marketing consultation. Designing a well branded logo can help boost your rating and leads to growth.

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